Management Programme In Tourism & Hospitality

Are you interested in hotel management; a career in tourism; or restaurant and event management?
Our Tourism and Hospitality Management Programmes will open doors for you in these fields, and more. We have a range of UK-registered qualifications, from diploma level up to a post-graduate diploma.

Foundation Programmes – Level 3 Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality
This diploma is the perfect foundation for your career in this industry.

Undergraduate Level Programmes – Level 4 Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality
Learn about fundamental operational aspects and key management principles.

Undergraduate Level Programmes – Advanced Diploma (Level 5) in Tourism and Hospitality
This diploma covers the managerial, decision-making and leadership aspects of the industry.

Undergraduate Level Programmes – Pro-graduate Diploma (Level 6) in Tourism and Hospitality
Our ultimate undergraduate level award, equivalent to a British university bachelor’s degree.